Bring out the Bubbly!

A lot of ink has been spilled over the Chinese real estate bubble. We will try to avoid that too much here. For now, we’re going to wheel out that ...

All the news that’s fit to buy

How people view a company matters. Reputation can be a good gauge of how difficult a company will be to work with, how high the quality of their products is ...

Initial Ponzi Offering

One would think the best thing in the world to happen for a company is an IPO. On a recent research trip in Inner Mongolia, several companies we were looking ...

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Permits and Chinese Partners

What can permits tell you about your Chinese partner? Working with Chinese companies almost always means miles of red tape. Believe it or not, some of that isn’t meaningless bureaucracy—many restrictions are in place to protect the interests of foreign partners. Let’s take a look at conducting cross-border investment. Whether you’re going from US to [...]

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China: Michigan’s new ally or old adversary?

Chinese capital could help save failing businesses, create jobs and help lift the state out its current economic slump. By John Holsapple and Michele Scrimenti For the last three decades, China has been on the rise while Michigan has been in decline. Once the centerpiece of America’s manufacturing heartland, Michigan became a shadow of its [...]

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ChinAnalyst’s Sara Farina featured in the Global Times

An article in the Global Times featured Sara Farina for her unique experience working for a Chinese state owned enterprise (SOE).

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My SOE-Called Life. The Second Day.

Maid or Secretary! The daily routine of a foreign secretary in a Chinese State Owned Enterprise. By Sara Farina Second days of any event are rarely worth mentioning; they signal the start of a routine, the slow decay of all that is new and exciting in a process. I mention my second day here, not [...]

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Innovating China: Education(Creativity)=Innovation

Why is China’s economy growing so much faster than its ‘intellectual footprint’? By Bobak Tavangar I’ve heard the claim that Chinese people aren’t wired for creativity or critical thought and that’s why we aren’t seeing much large scale innovation coming from that country. Not infrequently, I’ll hear this from Chinese people themselves. But comments like [...]

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Innovating China: Nature vs Nurture.

How should we be catalyzing innovation? by Bobak Tavangar Let’s take a brief look at a rather counter-intuitive story about tech. A robust IT sector—broadly defined across an array of technologies and tech-related services—is generally viewed as a positive indicator of a country’s high skill labor competitiveness and value add. Given this, Country A decides [...]

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Innovating China: New York vs Beijing.

An introduction to a new series on Chinese innovation. By Bobak Tavangar This post is coming from New York City and it kicks off this series on Chinese private sector innovation with an observation. I’ve been in and out of New York since I was a kid and no two experiences have been the same. [...]

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My SOE-called Life. The First Day.

A look at phones, purses and fashion at a Chinese SOE. By Sara Farina Unusual circumstances aside, my first day at Leader was not unlike most people’s first days at first jobs: The idea of supporting myself and starting my career gave me an unabashed sense of pride and confidence. As I donned my over-sized [...]

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Baijiu: How to host a Chinese delegation. Part 2.

Drinking, more drinking, and meal etiquette by John Holsapple Lunch or Dinner “I hear you have some visitors from China? I bet they would love some delicious American food. Boy, I hear Chinese businessmen love western food. I know just the place… The Cheesecake Factory. All that dairy goodness.” says the ohh so adept American businessman [...]

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Socks: How to host a Chinese delegation. Part 1.

The art of knocking off socks! by John Holsapple If you are so lucky as to be hosting a Chinese delegation, keep in mind this is a gift in itself. Your guests, the Chinese, are interested in forming a friendship and have flown half way around the world to make it happen. In the States, [...]

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